(Except One Innovative Exception...)

As I've stated elsewhere, a cheesecloth in front of a fan would function better.

This article is all about why so-called filterless air purifiers don't work. You can read why below, or skip straight to the real deal, the truly unique, filterless airfree air sterilizer.

A Filterless air cleaner may go by many names:

  • ionic air purifier (such as ionic breeze or ionic pro)
  • ion air purifier
  • electrostatic air purifier
  • electronic air purifier
  • ozone air purifier (such as the ecoquest)

...the problem remains: they don't work and may end up harming your health with direct or indirect ozone off-gassing.

Here's some of the empty promises...

Most filterless air purifiers claim silent operation, the convenience of never changing a filter, and great filtration of the air in your home. Let's take a look at how air gets purified and why these claims fall short of the truth...

Good air purifiers must "catch" very small particles at a very high success rate while a substantial amount of air moves through a good filter.

If any one of these criteria are not met, the air purifier is substandard and will not effectively clean the air.

A standard HEPA air purifier by definition catches 99.7% of all particles .3 microns and larger.

The obvious question of the moment is "If you don't have a filter, what exactly are you catching the particles with?" In other words, what exactly will your filterless air cleanerfilterless air purifier catch the particles with?

I could drive a Mack Truck through that filter...

A filterless air cleaner claims to catch particles by charging them electrically, which in turn supposedly causes them to stick to the metal collector plates.

It simply doesn't work...

The 5th grade physics behind such a filterless air purifier simply says that it doesn't work.

  • The gaps are too large between the collector plates.
  • The collector plates don't collect anything near the amount of particles necessary.
  • Nowhere near enough air moves through filterless air cleaner to effectively clean all the air in your house.

More problems...

Rather than being more convenient filterless air purifiers more hassle. The collector plates need to be cleaned weekly or more often, and cleaning cigarette smoke has been anecdotally shown to be very difficult.

A filterless air purifier also has the potential to off-gas ozone, and most do. Ozone is a pollutant and harmful to your health.

Please read more about ionic air purifiers or ozone air purifiers if you'd like further details.

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On to the bottom line:


  • Filterless air filter: doesn't clean the air...or make any sense!
  • May in fact harm your health.
  • Choose the airfree air sterilizer instead

The temptation to try an save money or hassle with a filterless air cleaner swells under the ruthless marketing of the companies that sell these machines. However...

If you want a good filter based air cleaner check out our top 10 air purifiers list as a good place to start...or for a truly unique filterless air cleaner that really works:

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